AASAI Gir Cow Milk

AASAI Gir Cow Milk

Started as a Social project by an organization called AASAI, to provide Indian Breed Gir cows to people who have experience caring for cows, so they will not have the capital expense, but are able to provide the care, nurturing, and homely atmosphere these cows need.

gir-5An other important creative aspect of this project is that a provident fund has been setup for the cows. A portion of the milk profit goes to this fund, so that the cows will be taken care of beyond their milking years by their own earnings.

Another portion of the milk profits is used to support two social Gir-1causes, one is a home for about 100 mentally challenged children and the other in an old age home for the financially challenged.

The milk of the Gir cow is 100% A2 milk. The A2 milk protein is much more easily digested by the body and is very good for health. The Gir cow only yields 6-10 liters of milk per day as opposed to the 30liters plus the hybrid verities can yield.

gir-6Further, the Indian breed cow’s urine, cow dung, milk, curds and ghee are used in the preparation of Panchagavya. This concoction when allowed to ferment becomes a potent natural fertilizer and pesticide and is of huge benefit to the farmer practicing Organic farming.

Team DhatuOrganics visited the two farms that 4 each of the Gir cows call home. It was indeed a joy to watch them roam free like wild beasts among natural settings, nuzzle and
care of their calves, and eat fruit and jaggery out of our hands. The farmers report that they are very soft and gentle creatures despite their huge size and form a deep bond with their care takers.

They are fed pure organic feed and treated using tranditional ayurvedic methods. gir-7Absolutely no growth hormones or antibioticsare used. Further the milk is packed fresh immediately after milking – unpasteurized and unhomogenized (so please boil the milk immediately after taking it home and store below 4 degree centigrade).

Limited quantity of this pure Gir cow milk is available at Dhatu Organics and Naturalsstores in Mysore. Please call to make reservations or walk in to pick It up on a first come first served basis.