Living Foods – Miracle of sprouting

Research on the health benefits of consuming sprouted whole grains reveal amazing life enhancing properties. Here is an attempt unravel the miracle of sprouting

What are Whole Grains?


Grains or “seeds” are storehouse of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids as well as the greatest source of proteins.



Does Grinding and Milling affect nutritional value?


Cold-Milling whole grains merely grinds the storage cell. No matter how fine or coarse the grind, it remains in the dried seed state. Grinding or milling a whole grain does not change its properties.


What happens when a grain sprouts?

When sprouting, a seed unfolds and starts to multiply and develop its nutrients in order to provide nourishment for the the maturing vegetable.

wheat-sprout-close-up-photo-isolated-white-43481814The metabolic activity of resting dry seeds increases as soon as they are hydrated during soaking. During germination nutrients are enzymatically broken down and simplified: protein into amino acids, fats into essential fatty acids, starches into sugars. Minerals chelate or combine with protein in a way that increases their utilization. Since no external nutrients are added, only water and oxygen are consumed by the sprouting seeds to enable these complex biochemical changes. Proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fiber and trace minerals multiplies during germination process.

Does drying the sprouted grain affect nutritional value?

dehydratingwheatberries-2Drying does not affect the superior nutritional value accumulated from germination but
helps in increasing the shelf life.


Why choose sprouted grains?

6668878-wheat-sprouts-on-white-backgroundSprouting changes dormant seeds into a living food. It’s nutritional qualities are now readily bioavailable when we eat sprouted grain or the flour. The changes that occur during sprouting increase nutrition, improve digestion and assimilation. This is the reason sprouts are considered predigested food.

Living foods are one of the best foods to combat lifestyle diseases. The increased nutritional component of these foods fights Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Neurological Disorders.

Dhatu Living Foods

Remembering Baapu at Dhatu

Remembering Baapu at Dhatu

We had a heartwarming event at Turiya by Dhatu in Mysore, remembering the Mahatma for Gandhi Jayanthi.

We had an exhibition of rare photographs of the mahatma

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An exhibition of the foods Gandhi ji recommends in his works on the topics ‘Key to Health’, ‘Moral basis of Vegetarianism’ and ‘Diet and Diet Reforms’:


A cooking demonstration and talk on diet recommended by Baapu

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An art competition for kids on the topics of “If we followed in Gandhi’s footsteps”. It was inspiring to see the vision of Gnadhi’s words take shape in the children’s minds and get expression as art!

After two hours of painting, the children and parents enjoyed special millet delicacies like Raagi (Finger Millet) Laddoo, Bajra (Pearl Millet) Laddoo, and Baragu (Proso Millet) Bisi Bele Bath

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We had a certificate and prize distribution ceremony to all the kids and winners. Smt. Leelavathi S. Rao, author of the kannada children’s book “Kiriyarige Hiriyara Kathegalu” chaired the event.

We thank all those who joined in these events and helped us remember that “The greatness of the man was his Simplicity”. I hope we all aspire to walk in Gandhi’s footsteps in whatever way we feel most inspired!